We will join world socialist movement to resist
pressure of global capitalism — Dr. Wickremabahu

by Wijitha Nakkawita

Regaining Sri Lanka programme of the UNF was only move by a capitalist government to neglect local initiative and help the global economic powers the IMF/World Bank and the World Trade Orgnization. "We shall resist the pressure of the global capitalism and take steps to establish economic progress and stability by joining with the world socialist movement against global capitalism," Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne, Colombo District leader of the United Left Front (ULF) candidates in the forthcoming general election said on Thursday (4).

Dr. Karunaratne was addressing a press conference in Colombo to explain his party’s common programme for the election.

He said that ULF wanted the war ended by giving the minorities their rights and consolidating the peace process. Just rights of the Up country Tamils, Muslims, Malays and Burghers and Christians should be protected. The executive presidency has been a virtual constitutional dictatorship that had to be abolished. All dictatorial tendencies will be opposed and defeated and just rights of the Muslims and Up country Tamils should be recognized in a "concrete democracy."

The Tamil homeland will be recognised by the ULF that would give attention to the document prepared by LTTE leader Prabhakaran on interim administration with a view to arrive at a democratic solution to the national question, he noted.

He said that Buddhist monks had a right to contest elections but the present candidature that they have got from chauvinist forces would only result in a Idi Amin or Pol Pot type dictatorship which would defeat democratic rights. "We believe that the cause and effect philosophy in Buddhism and the same analysis in Marxism had much in common but the present instance of bhikkus contesting elections would only result in the suppression of the rights of minorities and we are totally opposed to it."

He said that any effort by the UFPA to enact a new constitution to undermine the rights of the minorities will be opposed by the trade unions and the minorities in Colombo and that such a move would cause a civil war in Colombo.

The war, the economic policies dictated by global capitalism and the policies of the UNF have created misery and hardship for the masses in this country. We intervened in all these spheres to gain wage rises to the masses in the past and will continue our intervention into the future, he said.

Vasudeva Nanayakkara National List candidate, Leenus Jayatilaka General Secretary , V. Thirunavukarasu and Shanthaseelan Kadirgamar, candidates for Colombo District were also present at the press conference.