Matara St. Thomas’ College celebrates 160th anniversary

The 160th anniversary of Matara St. Thomas College falls today 10th March 2004. One of the oldest schools in Sri Lanka founded in 1844, it has produced quite a large number of distinguished citizens. Cumaratunga Munidasa, a great scholar of Ruhuna., "Aggamaha Panditha" Most Ven. Madihe Pangnaseeha, the scholar-monk. Late Alhaj Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmud, a former Minister of Education; Late R. S. S. Gunawardena, the UNO’s Permanent Representative in Sri Lanka; Prof. Jagath Wickremasinghe, a former Vice-Chancellor of Sri Jayaywardenapura University; Prof. M. T. H. Jiffry, Senior Professor of Physiology, Sri Jayawardenapura University; Dr. M. A. Shukri, Director of Maleemiya Islamic Institute. Beruwela, an eminent Islamic scholar and former head of the Arabic Department, Peradeniya University are some of the brilliant products of this distinguished educational institution.

St. Thomas has excelled in academic sports and other co-curricular activities for the last 160 years. During the span of last 16 decades all principals of St. Thomas’ have immeasurably contributed to the progress of the school. It has provided shelter to all students belonging to all ethnic sections, and it is a living ‘symbol of ethnic unity’.

Matara St. Thomas’ has produced numerous outstanding cricketers and sportsmen like de Saram, Upali de Silva, Thuduwewatte, M. T. M. Sakkaf, Maksood etc.

Indika de Saram and Prabath Nissanka who represented the Sri Lankan Test Cricket team are two brilliant cricketing stars who have brought fame and glory to this distinguished college in South.

Present Principal Mr. Ratnasiri Suraweera with his able leadership and experience is doing everything possible to uplift the educational standard of the school with the laudable co-operation and assistance of the staff, parents and other well-wishers.

Prof. M. F. M. Jiffry, Senior Professor of Physiology, Sri Jayawardenapura University and Prof. Jagath Wickremasinghe, former Vice Chancellor of Sri Jayawardenapura University are scheduled to lecture on the occasion to be held at 9.30 a.m. at the Kumaratnuga Mamorial Hall.