Aitken Spence applies MTIís 8S to Ace Cargo

Ace Cargo, the fully owned subsidiary of the blue-chip Aitken Spence has completed a major re-strategizing exercise based on MTIís 8S, facilitated by the MTI Consulting.

Unveiling the new strategic plan, Rajan Brito (Deputy Chairman and MD of Aitken Spence) said that there new mission focuses on Freight-based Logistics and Express solutions, with the vision of becoming Sri Lankaísís No. 1 freight based logistic provider"

Rohantha Peiris (MD of Ace Cargo) said that their teams took part in a series of MTIís ConsuLearning TM initiatives, at which their cross-functional management team went through a process of Ďforced self realizationí which tapped into their insights and innovation.

As a result, they took ownership of the solution and responsibility for effective implementation the focus would be on Sector Specific Products/Brands, B2B Sales Excellence, E-media Interface and Integrated Service Delivery", he said.

Explaining the MTI Way in strategic planning, MTIís Project Consultant Dhanushka Jayakody said that it begins with a Clean Slate and encourages Radical Re-thinking (Vs Incrementalism).

"Each of the 8Ss starts with a Strategic Audit as the basis of Strategic Planning. Strategic decisions are research-based. Therefore, Hands-on/DIY research is encouraged for appreciation of key issues. It encourages cross-industry/cross-border learnings that come from MTIís global experience".

He said that above all the MTI Way has a very strong bottom-line link and has an impressive track record on this count, locally and globally.

"Our international consultants passionately strive to earn ĎOscarsí from our clients for the bottom-line impact we create" were the comments from Bahrain based CEO of MTI Consulting Hilmy Cader at the grand launch that was attended by over 250", he added.