‘Monika Ruwanpathirana, an artiste of great repute’

We are sad to learn of the demise of Mrs. Monika Ruwanpathirana on Saturday the 10th July 2004.

The nation mourns the untimely death of a poet and an artiste of great repute, who had done an invaluable service to our country particularly in the field of Sinhalese poetry, states a press release from Board of Management of Management Resources for Good Governance (MaRGG).

Monika had been a life long friend and an active supporter of participatory development procedures. She served as a member of the Board of Directors of MaRRG.

(Management Resources for Good Governance). She was always ready to extend her helping hand whenever the community mobilization and community support programs demanded her expertise. She has been an ardent supporter of MaRGG undertakings to promote Local Government Capacity building and the Good Governance practices in local authorities particularly in the Kandy and Gampaha Municipal Councils.

In addition to being a director of MaRRG she had provided leadership to many other organizations including PEDA and several other women’s organizations in promoting social justice and participatory management decision-making. Monika is now gone.... But her grateful friends and colleagues will hold her very name and fame in perpetual respect and honour, the press release stated.

May she attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana.