Garbage not collected, stench irates residents

by Nihal Chandrakumara

For three consecutive days garbage disposal in the Colombo City had come to a standstill as a result of heaps of garbage being left unattended in many places. In some places there were carts full of garbage and close to municipal depots lorry loads of garbage were just left.

When questioned conservancy labourers said that a private firm has undertaken to clear the garbage down Bloemendhal Road. The garbage had got stuck in a drain and got mixed up with rain water. This has started seeping in to houses through gutters giving an obnoxious stench and the irate householders now did not allow the lorries to clear the garbage, and the residents are waiting to assault these people.

The Municipal authorities nor the private company who had undertaken to clear the garbage have not taken any positive steps to solve the problem as there is a tug of war between them . The Municipality is silent about it . There is an unbearable stench in the area they said.

Visiting the municipal depot in Borella we found a number of lorries full of garbage just lying idle by the side of the road and when we spoke to a lady engineer she told us to speak to the authorities at the head office of the Colombo Municipality. When we posed the question to the Municipal Commissioner he said " We will soon solve the problem after discussions with the contracted company and gave a firm assurance that the matter will be solved today.


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