Monks oppose Indian Mega blast
by Nimna Edirisinghe

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) has demanded the government to stop a mega Indian musical show - Temptation 2004—scheduled for December 12 at the Race Course, Reid Avenue, as it coincides with the first death anniversary of Ven. Gangodawila Soma thero.

The concert featuring some of India’s biggest stars is organised by Showdiff Worldwide. The Tourism ministry is also involved.

"The government is giving their fullest co-operation to this show, we will force the government to take action against these anti cultural activities, " JHU parliamentarian Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha thero said, warning that they will organise a fast unto death depending on the government’s response.

"We will insist that the government activate the commission established to investigate into Soma thera’s death. We also want the government to prohibit selling of liquor in super markets and Sathosa outlets and setting up a timetable for the parliament to discuss the Anti-conversions bill," he said at a press conference held yesterday.

Ven. Kotapola Amarakeerthi thero was critical of the fact that so far no action had been taken against the TNA for lighting oil lamps at the Parliament on LTTE’s heroes’ day. He was highly critical of the way that the security forces in Trincomalee behaved by allowing the LTTE to put up eelam flags and letting them organise a walk through Sinhala villages.

"The government is observing Sil keeping their mouth shut because it happened to Sinhalese not Tamils," he alleged pointing out that monks of the area had been intentionally left out of the meeting organised by police and other security forces.

"Both, the governments, present and past, have made the Sinhala people helpless," he said revealing that people in those areas rejected the police.

Meanwhile, Ven. Udawatte Nanda thero said that the JHU proposal to prohibit selling of liquor at supermarkets should be implemented immediately.

He pointed out that there are liquor sales outlets within 50 - 60 metres from the Dalada Maligawa and right next to Vidyarathne Vidyalaya in Kandy.

Ven. Athuraliye Rathne thero said that if the National Patriotic movement officially requested them to join ,they would consider it as both parties shared common purposes.


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