Lankans on hunger strike in Australia hospitalised

A refugee action group says two Lankan detainees at an Australian detention centre for asylum seekers have been taken to hospital.

Rural Australians for Refugees says the two Sri Lankan men have been fasting for the last week, with one reported to be on a saline drip in hospital.

Spokeswoman, Mira Wrobleski says the detainees are trying to have their visa applications re-assessed by the Australian government.

She says the political situation in Sri Lanka is deteriorating, and the detainees fear for their safety, if deported.

Ms Wrobleski says while damaging their health is an extreme measure, she can understand the detainees’ frustration.

"I’ve seen the whole process of everything they’ve done to communicate with the Minister for Immigration and the Department of Immigration, and I know this is the last resort for them," she said. (ABC Radio)-


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