Unite to save country from foreigners - Wimal

by Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY The unity of all who love this country is important in the current context of attempts by foreign invaders to capitalise on the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. Co-president of the Patriots`D5 National Movement (Desha Hithaishee Jathika Vyaparaya) Wimal Weerawanse said at a rally at Bogambara yesterday.

The meeting was organised for the declaration of 2005 as the `D2Year for Releasing the Country from Colonialism.

Mr. Wimal Weerawanse said the patriotic citizens of the country should be extra careful about the events taking place.

Certain western powers have sent their representatives to invade this country in the manner three foreign powers did at least five hundred years ago, Weerawanse said.

The British used their agents to invade the country and take control of the administration of the entire land and at present other foreign powers follow the same path taken by the British, Weerawanse said.

And now the foreign powers make us of agents like Soulheim, Rocca and Similar characters to achieve their sinister objectives, Weerawanse warned.

Pressing the government to grant ISGA to the LTTE was nothing short of demand to split the country for a convenient invasion of the island.

Our forefathers were fully aware of the science of agriculture as well as the equipment necessary for agriculture.

The craftsmen knew the technique of turning out the correct mammoty to suit the soil of the field.,

The able blackmails turned out the different equipment required for farming and the weapons used in war.

Foreigners from different countries during their visits to the island had recorded their observations.

`D2It is now time for us to re-think about the indigenous capabilities and freedom. We must remind ourselves the nature of our heroes. The national heroes sacrificed their lives with gallantry. Monerawila Keppetipola was one of them who died a fearless death before the British rulers,`D3 he said.

Co-President Ven. Elle Gunawanse Thero and the joint Secretary Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera also spoke.

The participants of the rally walked in procession to the venue at Bogambara from the Mahamaluwa in front of the Sri Dalada Maligawa.

A floral tribute was made to the Keppetipola memorial at the Mahamaluwa.


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