Wiswa to formulate new methodology to tackle Middle East complaints

Prof. W. A. Wiswa Warnapala, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided to device a new methodology to tackle the complaints, the Foreign Ministry is receiving from numerous workers in Middle East. The Deputy Minister has taken this decision, as the number of complaints from Middle East is increasing. He also has realized that the methods that are being now implemented are not satisfactory to ameliorate these grievances.

The complaints received by the Foreign Ministry can be classified under the following categories:

(a) Wages, salaries and other allowances are not paid accordingly as promised by the respective employers;

(b) Violations of service agreements arbitrarily;

(c) Physical harassments;

(d) reluctance of the employers to hand over letters and other correspondence sent to house-maids and other employees by their kith and kin;

(e) Blatant refusal of the employers to arrange telephone facilities etc.; in time of emergencies;

(f) Various act of misguidance by employment agencies:

In seeking immediate solutions to these problems, it is the considered opinion of the Deputy Minister that all vital organisations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labour and the Foreign Employment Bureau should get-together and formulate a comprehensive and pragmatic methodology to tackle the increasing number of complaints received by the Foreign Ministry.

Deputy Minister, Prof. Warnapala has already taken the initiative to convene a number of meetings with the officials of the Ministry`D5s concerned and he is of the opinion that these joint efforts will be results orientated and the complainants will receive remedies for their varied grievances without undue delay.

On the guidance and principles laid down by the Deputy Minister, W. M. Senevirathna, Director-General of Middle-East and Africa Division of the Foreign Ministry is now coordinating this work. (Foreign Ministry release)


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