LTTE attempting to provoke south - JVP

by Wijitha Nakkawita and Dilanthi Jayamanne

JVP leader Wimal Weerawansa yesterday said it was clear that the LTTE had adopted a policy of provocation and they were now attempting in various ways to provoke the people of the south as they were now losing the sympathy of the Tamil people.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Parliamentary complex yesterday (1), Weerawansa said during the past few weeks the LTTE, through its proxies, the ITAK members in Parliament, had tried to provoke the people of the south by making inflammatory speeches in Parliament. In these speeches the ITAK had tried to give the impression that the JVP were behind the Trincomalee incidents.

He said the so-called heroes day speech by LTTE leader Prabhakaran, calling for the resumption of peace talks based on the ISGA and the speech made by LTTE spokesman Anton Balasingham contradicted each other.

Balasingham, the speech writer of the LTTE, had said in London that the ISGA was only a stepping stone to a separate state and the LTTE had put in place all the organizational structures for it. If the ISGA is conceded it would help the LTTE to gain international recognition for a separate state, Wimal Weerawansa said.

Weerawansa said the LTTE was losing the sympathy of the European nations and as it was now necessary for them to regain that sympathy and that was their reason for attempting to provoke the people of the south to act in a violent manner against the Tamil people.

He said the recent LTTE act of puting up posters bearing Prabhakaran’s portrait at the Hilda Obeysekara Hall at the Peradeniya University was an attempt to provoke the students, but the effort failed.

They were also trying to show that the incidents in Trincomalee were caused by the JVP. The JVP was always opposed to racial violence and appealed to the public not to be provoked by the acts committed by the LTTE and its support groups. The LTTE was losing the support of the Tamil people of the North and East and was now trying to cause violence against the people they claim to represent. While the LTTE leader and Anton Balasingham make statements that contradict each other the UNP still asks the government to resume talks with the LTTE, based on ISGA proposals. The UPFA government does not lay down any pre-conditions for peace talks. All sections are concerned with the problem. The LTTE, other Tamil political groups, Muslims and all other parties will be consulted to arrive at a negotiated solution to the national question. But pre-conditions are an obstacle to reopening the talks, he said.

The JVP is not opposed to a negotiated settlement but only opposed to the LTTE pre-conditions. Therefore the JVP appeals to the people not to be misled by the LTTE propaganda and the provocative speeches made by ITAK members and exercise restraint and patience in not resorting to any violence against any ethnic group. If violence is created in the country the LTTE which is loving credibility at home and abroad will gain their end of creating the background to set up a separate state, he said.


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