Relief and rebuilding process
JVP against tigers being given role

The JVP is opposing the ongoing efforts to involve the LTTE in the rehabilitation and reconstruction process in the north and east provinces. They will not accept the LTTE’s participation as it would legitimize the group despite it being a proscribed organization abroad.

JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe revealed the Marxist party’s stand on the relief and re-building process at a recent function at Polonnaruwa.

Addressing approximately 2,000 JVP relief workers assigned to the Ampara and Batticaloa districts, Amarasinghe said that the government should be able to handle immediate relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation work in tsunami ravaged areas, including the north and east. The international community should be briefed of the government’s desire to establish a mechanism that would be in charge for the re-building effort in all affected areas, he said Amarasinghe said the LTTE should not be allowed to take advantage of the situation to legitimise its armed power. If the LTTE prevented the people from receiving assistance channelled through the government the organisation would be answerable to the international community. The JVP leader emphasised that the LTTE wouldn’t be welcome as long as it remained armed.

The JVP wouldn’t reject international assistance. But the JVP wouldn’t accept assistance that would be detrimental to national security interests. "We wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise national security," he said, praising India’s handling of the recent catastrophe. He emphasised that the Indian government wouldn’t allowed unnecessary outside interference, instead proved that it had the capability and resolve to overcome the unprecedented crisis. Amarasinghe rapped the major parties that ruled the country since independence for failing in their duty to build a stronger economy. Expressing disappointment over Sri Lanka’s dependence on foreign assistance to overcome the present crisis he vowed that the JVP would do its utmost to build a stronger Lanka.

He said that the party had warned the government of the ongoing attempts to provide the material support to the LTTE through various countries and NGOs. He expressed the recent direct Italian assistance to the LTTE and the conspiracy to acquire helicopters and light aircraft by the organisation. (SF)


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