Marriage Proposals

FATHER seeks a partner for his widow daughter 38 years of age, Sinhalese, Catholic, Karawa height 5' - 2' no children with fair complexion. She has two brothers higher grade government employees. Should be a permanent resident of Europe, Sinhalese Catholic or Christian without children under 43 years of age and well educated.

INM 846

MOTHER seeks with excellent charactor well educated young partner for her only daughter in the family. Nice looking 35 years of age, excellent charactor cash dowry and possess a vehicle, own a private home. Her two brothes are living in America, specially Christians are preferred.

INM 848


An American residance gent Sinhala, Christian height 5'-3" aged 38 years seeks a partner to marry a lady, should be a permanent resident of United States. Sinhalese Christian fair under 35 years of age and well educated. Address in States.
INM 847


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