Premiere of "Guerilla Marketing"

The first night of the new Sinhala movie "Guerilla Marketing" was held at the Regal theatre in a spectacular fashion in the presence of many stars from the silver screen and other notable invitees.

There were many well-known models clad in army fatigues all-over the place, in the lobby, on the roof top leading into the cinema, and even outside awaiting to accompany the actors and actresses when they made their triumphant entry to be greeted by a horde of cameramen and the flash of many hundred bulbs. The quintet of the leading actors and actresses faced the cameras with accustomed charm and had the onlookers gaze in admiration. To light the traditional oil lamp the first in line was none other than the veteran actress who is still the best, Iranganie Serasinghe whose dignity and charm too will never fade, in a Kandyan saree of a shot rust silk, with a tracery of a pattern on it with only a large pair of earrings in rubies and diamonds and a fine chain for an ornament. The Kandyan saree was the popular choice and both the female leads Yasodha Wimaladharma and Sangeetha Weeraratne opted for this style.

Yasodha’s saree in a brilliant pillar box red, had on the cloth of the saree, and at the bottom of the fall an applique in a dainty metallic grey lace spun with a silver lustre. The hemlines of the saree was edged in a fine black and silver trimming. Little puff sleeves were on her simple blouse, and she wore a large pendent on a row of red stones in a pattiya style necklace. The leg of mutton sleeves on the blouse that Sangeetha wore was the focus of attention in her outfit. The deep emerald green net sleeves were embroidered in single orchid like flowers in ivory, with a hint of pink and green in it, and stripes of gold bugle beads. The saree itself was only edged in two rows of the gold beads. A necklace and earstuds with green stones sparkling on them made her ornaments. The men were not to be outdone, and though Jackson Anthony and Kamal Addaraaratchi opted for black and deep grey, Sriyantha Mendis had his kurta styled shirt in a vibrant turquoise raw silk, he teamed with black slacks. Jackson had his black nehru tunic with a touch of embroidery on the collar, and Kamal had embroidery on the front of his unusual hang-out shirt in a trendy style. With Iranganie was her daughter-in-law, in a patterned weave saree in silver grey and black she wore with a black blouse and long silver earrings. A printed saree in greens and yellow was Glenda Parthipans choice as she flitted around making sure that everything went smoothly as "Emphasis" was coordinating the event.

The film directed by Jayantha Chandrasiri is a distinct diversion from the run of Sinhala films and is an absorbing indictment on the political manouverings indulged in by the politicians of today. The performances from all the leads was of a very high standard with exceptional performances from Kamal in strong competition with Jackson who got an edge over him with his interpretation of the ambitious politician. A contemporary film with a unusual and absorbing storyline which augurs well for the future of Sinhala movies.


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