Seylan Tikiri sponsers 'Dangayanta Pamanai'

Local teledramas which are a good source of entertainment no doubt have mainly evolved to capture the interest and to entertain adults.

`A0On the other hand, most programs that entertain children are cartoons from the West.

`A0In order to fill a long-felt need to give our local children a taste of indigenous entertainment, Susila Productions Pvt. Ltd. has produced a childrenís teledrama directed by Lakshman Wijesekera on a script written by Chamika Hathlahawatta.

`A0"Tikiri" is a lovable little boy involved in mischievous pranks for which he receives numerous reprimands from his parents and relatives. Always, at the back of his mind he feels that he is doing some good. Astonishingly he turns out to be the village hero whilst displaying his considerable talents to get there.

`A0The drama features a talented cast that includes, Irangani Serasinghe Jayantha Bandara, Priyanka Samaraweera, , Ama Wijesekera, Thushara Chamikara (Child Actor), Diluka Karunathilake (Child Actor), Isuru Navodhya (Child Actress), Chandra Kaluarachchi, Gihan Fernando, Tissa Wijesurendra. Udayanthi Wijesurendra, Susila Kottage, and Nayana Hettiarachchi This is the first childrenís teledrama to be produced using digital animations and graphics.

`A0The teledrama, provides entertainment for kids and adults alike and promises to have the audience glued to the screen.

`A0"Dangayanta Pamanai: is brought to you by Seylan Bank, "The bank with a heart" and the first episode would be aired on June 3rd 2005 with weekly episodes each Friday on ITN.



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