Mobitel, PABC bank offer innovative SMS service

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd and PABC Bank recently launched an innovative SMS based value added service in which PABC Bank provides commercial banking transactions via SMS to Mobitel subscribers. Under this new service a PABC Bank account holder with a Mobitel GSM connection can utilise his SMS facilities for all his banking requirements at any time, day or night. This feature allows Mobitel subscribers with PABC Bank accounts the freedom of undisturbed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week SMS banking which is fast proving to be a hassle-free, efficient and speedy solution to a wide spectrum of customers.

`A0In addition to the simple functionality of SMS and the non-stop availability of 24-hour banking, this service has a range of features such as: Balance Inquiries – a aspect which allows customers to check the balance of bank accounts Mini Statement – statement of last 5 transactions, Funds transfer – a service where one can transfer funds from one account to their own account or to someone else’s account as well as recharging their Mobitel Prepaid account. Utility payments – Mobitel customers can now pay their water, Mobitel and other utility bills through their PABC account.

Another unique feature introduced by PABC is the transfer of funds from foreign currency accounts to rupee accounts through SMS. In addition, there has also been a safeguard built into the process for both added security and to further simplify SMS banking. This feature is SMS alert service which further simplifies SMS banking by way of a daily alert to notify Mobitel / PABC customers of the account’s opening balance for the day. This SMS may also serve as a receipt for a mobile phone subscriber. Further, SMS banking customers can also check the latest foreign currency exchange rates and deposit interest rates of PABC.

PABC Bank is an innovative Sri Lankan banking organisation which has come to be known as a growth oriented retail and electronic banking institution. Although founded in 1995, this bank recently emerged from a remarkable re-branding, re-energising and re-vitalising exercise to re-focus its strategy which included several new ventures to enter varied niches in Sri Lanka’s financial landscape. One of the niches which PABC Bank recently pioneered was SMS banking – a concept which is gaining popularity amongst Sri Lanka’s mobile phone users. Now, through its partnership with Mobitel, PABC Bank has access to a very large potential customer base. In turn, Mobitel customers will now be able to use an innovative service which can make their own financial responsibilities more flexible.

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd is the only indigenous mobile services provider in Sri Lanka to date – a 100% wholly owned Sri Lankan company. In January 2004, Mobitel launched its full–fledged GSM network that is EDGE/GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual bands. Mobitel’s GSM service saw an unprecedented growth of 300%. Mobitel’s investments to date in its GSM service offering totals over US$ 140 million and is set to increase the present 295 base stations to 600 base stations and more than double Mobitel’s GSM network subscriber capacity and enhance its existing coverage to meet the growing demand. Mobitel recently pioneered a range of customised menu-driven over the air (OTA) value added services which enables the customer to enjoy hassle-free downloading of information without the inconvenience of having to remember a list of short codes. These services range from usage balance and billing details to sports and financial updates as well as a range of infotainment options. This unique service is even available whilst roaming.

Mobitel also provides an extensive roaming network across the globe with very attractive rates to all key destinations, and has the distinction of being the only network to offer pre-paid roaming to its subscriber base.


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