Data storage, management vital for Good corporate governance

By Steve A. Morrell

Importance of data storage and management particularly in the corporate sphere would prove to be indispensable for commercial undertakings that grow to progressive levels, said Managing Director Quantum Corporation Emil Kobylarz, addressing entrepreneurs and corporate executives this week. Within the fast track of expanding business not only in a localised environment but within the context of rapid expansion globally it was now essential that data storage was no longer an optional luxury but essential pre-requisite for good corporate governance. He quoted examples of short sighted business policies of sections of the corporate sector and expanded on regressive slide of such policies which was consequent to sketchy planning.

Planning in the larger sphere of corporates was an integral part of sustaining such organisations anticipating wider trade applications and policies. It was now much within the area of the Board Room that data planning and storage be relegated to upper levels of importance on which would hinge critical points for advanceddecisions.

The Quantum Corporation founded in 1980 embarked on reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions that met demanding needs for data integrity and availability with price to performance solutions, based on comprehensive service support. Kobylarz also said that the Banking sector, for example, in the local context was a good example of the need for data storage, which may be retrievable merely at the click of an icon, or file. He said that data storage could last for historical retention dating back 30 years. More importantly such data when retrieved would be presented in an incorruptible form completely maintaining the best applications of clarity and context.

He also said that tape drive backup systems packed more storage space and were reliable.

Marketing Director Jim Simon focussed attention on business disaster and disaster management based on the necessity for data storage.

He focussed attention on hardware, and procedures to enhance data backup in the best interests of corporate assistance for daily and weekly storage within the genre of corporate governance to impact on equipment for storage. Particularly tape, CD DVD and other storage media. He said that backups had the advantage of site re-location for storage which would prevent natural disasters damaging or defacing stored data.

Data storage and data backup while interrelated were not quite the same he said. tape storage he said was the best option for reliable backup. The average tape drive could hold approximately 70 GB of data.

It was also said that a tape backup autoloader could protect from human mistakes and also lost data.



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