ICTA, Intel launch e-Sri Lanka PC

By Sanjeevi Jayasuriya

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) with Intel, a soft ware company launched e -Sri Lanka PC at a ceremony held in Colombo this week.

The objective of this launch was in keeping with the government’s efforts in creating an awareness and to increase the rate of the knowledge on Information Technology (IT).

The Minister of Science and technology Prof. Tissa Vithara said that though the country has a high literacy rate IT literacy level and computer penetration is low.

"We had 20 years of war and we are trying to emerge from effects from Tsunami. However we need to increase our competence in English as to receive the benefit of the latest developments. It is essential to fill the poverty gap and there should not a digital gap", he said.

The e Sri Lanka PC programme is focused on digital inclusion aiming to drive awareness and adoption of the benefits of owing and using PCs. Through the programme, ICTA and Intel aim to increase the accessibility and use of PCs and the internet and pave the way for Sri Lanka to become a Knowledge base society.

Built by local resellers for ICTA, the e Sri Lanka PC is based on Intel technology and will be installed with educational tools and applications. The programme is expected to further enhances the economic growth and job creation.


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