Dehiwala one bed-roomed annexe semi-furnished attached toilet pantry separate water electricity meters 9A 1/2 Ediriweera Avenue. Good for expected Migrants. 5555465


Borella Fairfield Gardens two Road Frontage 10 Perch Block 165 Lakhs No Brokers Ph 072-3476636 Email

A request is made for assistance towards a home for the aged to be opened in Horana in April. Among the items needed are beds, Mattresses, pillows, cooking utensils and toilet facilities.Contact : Piyawathie Opanayake, No 285, 25 Lane, Dickhenapura, Horana.


Olive oil (Sasso)

Italian manufactured trade mark (Sasso) Olive oil tin (1 litre) is essential. (yellow seal not broken, not expiry) Please send the address and the telephone number at your earliest. I am looking forward to receive you soon.

email :



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