Friday 22nd July, 2005

Mutalif murder probe
Suspects 'boozed' at  KDA mess-CID

Army headquarters is likely to consider measures to prevent the entry of undesirable elements to army camps.
This follows the arrest of a hardcore LTTE cadre in connection with the assassination of Maj. Mutalif of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI). Under interrogation, the suspect admitted he visited the officers' mess of the Kotelawala Defence Academy (KDA), a senior CID official said.
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Battle against proposed anti-conversion legislation
Govt, UNP Catholic MPs join forces

A commemorative stamp of a former Speaker Bakir Markar was issued at a function held at the Zahira College, Colombo recently. The present Speaker W. J. M. Lokubandara and the Minister for Posts and Telecommunications and Up Country Development D. M. Jayaratne, were guests.
Pic by Kamal Bogoda

  • Can policies quench thirst of the poor
    The water policy debate still goes on. Here, we refer to the National Water Resources Policy which caught the public eye and created so much controversy during 2002 -2003. Today we have two draft water polices (from two ministries) attempting to manage the same water resource within Sri Lanka. To the public, the number of policies is of little consequence as long as they get their water at home (water security) and in the fields for cultivation. Besides these two policies there are number of other polices and a great deal of legislation (50 Acts and over 40 institutions) dealing with water in Sri Lanka.
  • P-Toms and aftermath
    In spite of threats, the President boldly signed the P-Toms. Consequently she ran into a minority government that appears to run with the backing of the massive executive power of the President. Several forces both in Parliament and outside are against any power devolution to north-east.
  • Abolition of VAT on gems and jewellery to propel industry
    The cabinet has approved the memorandum to abolish the Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed on the gem and jewellery industry. The VAT imposed on this industry since January this year has impacted on trade according to data released by the Ministry of National Enterprise Development.
  • Comm. Bank arranges US $ 22.5 mn
    syndicated loan for SriLankan Catering

    A consortium of four local banks led by the Commercial Bank of Ceylon has raised a syndicated loan of US $ 22.5 million for national carrier SriLankan Airlines’ fully owned subsidiary - SriLankan Catering (Pvt) Ltd., to build a state-of-the-art flight kitchen at the Bandaranaike International Airport.
London, Greater London UNITED KINGDOM : Australian bowler Shane Warne arrives for training at Lords cricket ground in London 20 July 2005 on the eve of the start of the Ashes Series. The player of the series in the forthcoming Ashes Test contest will be the first receipient of the Compton-Miller medal, officials said after unveiling the new award at Lord's. The medal is named after two, now late, stars of post World War II cricket, England batsman Denis Compton and Australia all-rounder Keith Miller and will be presented to each Ashes player of the series from now on, following a suggestion by Miller's widow Marie. (AFP PHOTO)

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