Commemorating a slain principal
This commemoration report appeared in the CDN of 13.7.2005 written from Toronto (Asiantribune.com). It related to the late principal of St. John's college Jaffna Mr. C. E. Anandarajah who was brutally gunned down by an LTTE terrorists on 26th June 1985. He was killed while riding his motorbike in broad daylight. This commemoration is probably the first held for the late principal with a time gap of twenty years, a long time indeed for an educationist who endeared himself to the people and students but was an eyesore to the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Held at Scarborough, Toronto it was initiated by a few old boys of the school.

It appears that there has been trepidation to commemorate the late principalís death fearing a repeat performance by the Tigers on the organisers. One has reason to believe that Scarborough, Toronto in Canada is a hive of LTTE activity and the fear expressed by the organisers is understandable.

However one would have thought it more appropriate to commemorate the late principal in his old school rather than in faraway Scarborough. Presumably the organisers had reasons of their own, one factor being the wife of the late principal living in Canada. However this commemoration was long overdue and considered better late than never.

To the uninitiated the late Mr. C. E. Anandarajah was the Principal of St. John's college Jaffna at the time of his death in June 1985.

He stretched out his hand for peace and built bridges of friendship with the security forces in the Northern theatre of war. He was one who believed in winning the hearts and minds.

The immediate cause for his gunning down by the LTTE was that he had organised a cricket match with the security forces. This was anathema to this morbid organisation which had no respect for decency in their agenda. They had also killed three military officers who were also engaged in building bridges with the Tamil civilians in the north.

Having said this it is more than possible that there are old boys of St. John's College, Jaffna, learned and not so learned, professional and not so professional living in Canada, USA and the UK who were and are in cahoots with the LTTE and are at their beck and call for one reason or other propagating the evil of the LTTE.

To them this commemoration ceremony may have been an occasion to hang their heads in downright shame at the dastardly act and crimes the LTTE have committed on the late principal and the many security forces personnel who attempted to win the hearts and minds of the people in the North.

Aravinda Gautamadasa



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