Prime Minister condoles

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse yesterday addressed the following note of condolence to on the death of his father Dr. Jayantha Kelegama.

Dr. Saman Kelegama

I am deeply sorrowed over the news of the demise of your beloved father.

Dr. Jayantha Kelegama, in his long and illustrious career as an eminent economist, had rendered an invaluable service to the country and the nation in the capacity of the Director of Economy and Commerce at the Treasury and that of the Secretary to the Ministry of Trade.

"He also did a lot, for the welfare of undergraduates during his tenure of office as the first Professor of Economy at Vidyalankara University and as the Vice Chancellor of the Rajarata University.

"He was attached to the UNO, until his demise and he contributed numerous articles to the press enlightening a wide circle of readers in his field of discipline. Dr. Kelegama, a connoisseur of various fields, won the hearts of all those who associated him. His demise is an unrepairable loss to all of us and I wish to convey my heartfelt condolence to all in the family.

May he attain Nibbana the Supreme Bliss.



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