Lankan future leaders shine in Washington D.C.

Presidential Classroom brings together over 500 student leaders from 35 countries to the Future World Leaders Summit in Washington. D.C. each year to explore international relations, diplomacy and the changing world economy.

This July, Sri Lanka was the largest foreign delegation at this summit with 47 delegates from 11 schools. At the summit, these student leaders who are between 16-19 years old experience better debating skills in a democratic environment, learn how to ask smart questions, how to become better listeners and how to appreciate diversity by debating current world issues with peers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Participation at this summit gives the Sri Lankan delegates an advantage to gain admissions to American Universities on scholarships.

The high command of English displayed by the Sri Lankan delegates helped them to be elected to many leadership roles at the summit. Adam Flamer Caldera, Chanchala Gunewardena and Swatthika Krishnamoorthy, all of Asian International School were elected by their respective working groups to make oral presentations in English and present the final recommendations of their group to the 500 delegate summit.

Of the 12 presentations made, the three at the final summit were by these Sri Lankan teenagers making Sri Lanka proud of her teachers, school heads and the parents. The Sri Lankan delegates elected Adam Flamer Caldera as Head of State and Hussain Akbarally of AIS as Deputy Head of State to lead them through the week, that made Sri Lanka the most outstanding country delegation out of the 36 nations at the July 2005 Future World Leaders Summit.

During their one-week stay in Washington. D.C., these aspiring young leaders gain a better understanding of the importance of active citizenship, how individuals can make a difference in our society, enhance leadership with critical thinking and consensus-building while experiencing the life on an American campus.

"Sri Lanka has been participating in the Future World Leaders Summit as a full country delegation since year 2000, and 243 Sri Lankan student leaders have attended this summit so far. Since their return, 167 of them have since obtained financial scholarships and are now completing their higher education in American, British and Australian Universities," says Ananda Rajapakse, the Honorary Representative for South Asia for Presidential Classroom Inc., USA, who introduced the program to Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Pakistan in 2000.

The next summit is from July 22-29, 2006. More details are available on


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