Dr. Sun Myung Moon inaugurates Universal Peace Federation in Sri Lanka

Last week, to an overflow crowd in the Colombo Plaza Hotel, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon emphasized "That most important thing in life is our lineage. It was more important than love and life, because lineage allows love and life to continue from generation to generation. When we value lineage and family, as is the Asian tradition, it helps us change our perspective and focus in life from self-centered to other-centered. We then find value in living for the sake of other, more than just for personal self-aggrandizement," said Dr. Sun Myung moon last week at the Colombo Plaza Hotel.

Over 750 people from throughout the island and from all persuasions, both religious and political, listened as Father Moon poured out his heart and love for this island nation for nearly two hours.

The event marked the inauguration of the Sri Lankan chapter of the newly established Universal Peace Federation. The launch of this global peace initiative is being carried out in world tour of 67 nations covering 100 cities. It started on Sept. 12 at Lincoln Center in New York City during the 60th anniversary of the United Nations and will conclude Dec. 24th Dr. Moon is 86 years old and one wonders how, at this age, he can maintain this gruelling schedule.

Dr. Moon acknowledged that the united Nation was established with the hope of bringing peace on earth and that is has made many contribution bettering the world of human affairs. But, speaking from the experience from his homeland of Korea and other hotspots around the world, he said that the UN peace-keeping forces often withdrew before peace was secured. To support the UN in its efforts to establish world peace he launched the Federation. It is backed by more than 50,000 Ambassadors for Peace from more than 180 nations.

President Mahinda Rajapakse, issuing a congratulatory message stated that "It is simply amazing that at the age of 86, Dr. Moon is travelling to 100 cities in 67 nations in an extra ordinary effort to promote a culture of peace". Former President D. B. Wijethunga and Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe issued similar messages in appreciation of his efforts.

Guest speakers on the program included prominent Sri Lankans included the Ven. Dr. Kotte Pannindria Thero who offered Greetings. Welcoming Remarks were presented by the Speaker of Parliament, W. J. M. Loku Bandara, who noted that it was Dr. Moon’s first visit to Sri Lanka. Ambassador D. L. Mendis introduced the Founder of the Universal Peace Federation, Dr. Moon. "World Peace in the 21st Century" was the topic Rev. Dr. Baptist Croos chose to address the meeting. The cultural programme, which included "Friends in Harmony" led by Mrs. Mendis and the Musaeus College dance troupe trained by Mrs. Veesha de Silva entertained the audience until the end of the program, where the UPF hosted the guest to dinner. Following day early morning Dr. Moon and his entourage left to Indonesia for his speaking engagement later the same day.


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