E-wis, Affno, hSenid consortium win Attorney Generalís Department tender
The Attorney General of Sri Lanka and the Project Director of the Legal and Judicial Reforms Project were signatories to a landmark tender awarded to a high profile consortium of IT companies. The tender was for automating the Attorney Generalís Department. The consortium was led by leading Sri Lankan systems integrator E-wis who teamed up with Affno renowned for their document management and workflow product and hSenid famous for their HR Management software.

The IT solution is tipped to speed-up and bring-in unprecedented efficiencies to this unique Government department that employs over 200 Attorneys and interacts between the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. The functions of the Attorney Generalís Department are manifold and include acting as Legal Advisor to the Government and all its Departments and Institutions as well as representing them in criminal prosecutions and civil matters. The many other functions include examining draft legislations for constitutionality and assisting in matters pertaining to negotiation of international treaties, bilateral treaties and trade agreements.

The efficient management of documents is central to the smooth functioning of the AGís department. Once implemented, all documents including case files will be digitized. This will not only make storage and retrieval of documents more efficient, it will also enable large teams to work on shared documents concurrently whilst maintaining a comprehensive audit trail about who accessed and did what on documents. Given that the software would be completely web based, authorized personnel would also be able to access documents from outside their offices via the Internet in a completely secure manner even when traveling overseas. In addition to facilitating day-to-day work, the system will also place a variety of useful statistics and information at the fingertips of top management. Thus the status of cases and projects could be tracked with ease, and in turn enable greater efficiency in allocation and utilisation of professional resources.

The Attorney Generalís Department will soon become one of the first Government Departments to digitize its documents and adopt computerized operations and procedures. The initiative for this project comes from the Legal and Judicial Reforms Project funded by the World Bank.



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