Dew: Socialist Alliance for struggle against neo-liberalism
by Franklin R. Satyapalan

Secretary General of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CPSL), Constitutional Affairs and National Integration Minister, Dew Gunasekera said that the Socialist Alliance was formed as a historical imperative to carry forward the people’s struggle against neo-liberalist economic policies.

"The ethnic conflict in our country has proved to be a formidable impediment in carrying forward the socialist struggle," he noted.

The need, therefore, arises to reorient and unite the left movement fighting against trends of Chauvanism, fundamentalism and other manifestations of extremism, he told the inaugural convention of the Socialist Alliance with the representatives of the five left parties, CP, LSSP, SLMP, DVJP and DLJ, meeting at the Public Library Auditorium in Town Hall with the leaders of the five parties forming the presidieum.

Around 100 councillors of local government institutions who were elected recently were also present and felicitated. Minister Gunasekera said the Left Movement had suffered a set back the world over with the collapse of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries of Eastern Europe. He said the doors were thereby opened for the forces of neo liberalism to spread their tentacles causing misery to millions of people in the developing world.

Within a short period of 15 years the whole world drew its experience in life, witnessed the disasterous consequences of Neo Libaralism and realised the need for a struggle against those negative trends of development, Gunasekera noted.

The last few years of the current decade witnessed a resurgence of the left movement not only in the developing countries but in the developed countries as well, he said.

Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharna moved a resolution on the Economic and Social Policies while Vasudeva Nanayakkara, the Leader of the Democratic Left Front stressed the need for broader unity of all progressive forces to implement or make the Mahinda Chinthanaya a reality.

Speaking further the Communist Party General Secretary said a striking feature of this resurgence was the formation of a broad left front (centre left and left) and the return to power of the progressive leadership in Venezuala, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia etc., and neo liberalism being rejected by the people through the ballot.

The trends were also discernible in Sri Lanka with the election of the People Alliance (PA) and the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) governments, he said.

Now that the world’s balance of forces are shifting once again in favour of the working people the left movement in Sri Lanka should be revived, he stressed.

Several resolutions on the peace process, democracy, neo liberalism etc., were also adopted unanimously. Ranjith Navaratne of the SLMP, P. M. Podiappuhamy of the DVJP and Rajah Collure, General Secretary of the Socialist Alliance also spoke.


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