Duminda Silva wants Court to stop police arrest

by Priyalal Sirisena

Western Provincial Councillor Duminda Silva whose name was connected with the May 26 night club fracas yesterday filed an anticipatory bail application asking the Court to prevent the police from arresting him on allegations of assaulting a foreigner.

Duminda Silva told the Colombo Magistrate's Court that the Colombo Crime Division was about to arrest him. He informed Court through his lawyers that there was an incident at a night club on May 26 and that there had been a clash with some foreigners.

He had said that, he went to the night club, at about 10.30 p.m. with a girl. A foreigner had treated the girl in an indecent manner. He had pushed the foreigner and then some other foreigners had attempted to assault him.

A foreign woman had assaulted him with a bottle injuring his hand.

The application mentioned that he came to know that the CCD is to arrest him, on an allegation of assaulting a foreign woman, and causing injuries. He pleaded that Court prevent the police from arresting him, to grant him anticipatory bail.

The Chief Magistrate fixed the case for June 02, and issued notice on OIC of Kurunduwattha Police and the OIC of the CCD.


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