Communist Party to fight for ‘Maubima

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka met on Saturday the July 14, 2006 and decided to launch a Fund to protect their 56-year-old Party Organ ‘Maubima’. Its Political Bureau was authorized to take all possible steps to defend their intellectual property and their right to own and publish a Newspaper.

It called upon the Party membership, sympathizers, trade unions and other mass organisations to rally round the Party for the protection of ‘Maubima’ and its right to existence as the Party organ.

A statement from the Party said "Maubima’, as the Party organ, commenced its long journey on September, 1st 1950 consequent to a decision taken at the party’s historic National Congress of 1950 held in Matara. It is historically significant that the Party organ "Maubima" was founded and launched by Dr. S. A. Wickremasinghe as the General Secretary of the Party. It should b recalled that Dr. S. A. Wickremasinghe was the first and only Editor in Sri Lanka who served 2 years in jail for having written an editorial in the Party organ against British Imperialists.

The first Editor of ‘Maubima’ was H. G. S. Rathnaweera and in his first editorial he has explained as to why the name of ‘Maubima’ was chosen as the trade name of the Newspaper. The Communist party of Sri Lanka recommenced the publication of ‘Maubima’on June 1 this year in preparation for the 25th death anniversary of Dr. S. A. Wickremasinghe and for its 18th National Congress to be held in August, 2006.


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