Upali Newspapers Ltd. Advertising Rates
Publication   Daily Island Sunday Island Daily Divaina Sunday Divaina Divamina Navaliya Vidusara Bindu
Type   English Daily English Weekly Sinhala Daily Sinhala Weekly Sinhala Weekly Women's Weekly Science Weekly Children's Weekly
Published on   Mon- Sat Sunday Mon- Sat Sunday Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday
Language   English English Sinhala  Sinhala  Sinhala  Sinhala  Sinhala  Sinhala 
Circulation   69580 103089 198446 334937 56014 163085 103932 55050
Readership (NMS)   556640 824712 1587568 2679496 448112 1304680 831456 440400
Paper size (cm)   56x34 56x34 56x34 56x34 56x34 33x26 33x26 33x26
Column width (cm)   3cm 3cm 3.8cm 3.8cm 3.8cm 3.8cm 3.8cm 3.8cm
Full colour/ Black&White   Both  Both  Both  Both  Both  Both  Both  Both 
Full page ad.  (cm)   53x32 53x32 53x33 53x33 53x33 32x25 32x25 32x25
Half page ad.  (cm)   27x32 27x32 27x33 27x33 27x33 16x25 16x25 16x25
Quarter page ad.  (cm)   27x16 27x16 27x16 27x16 27x16 16x12 16x12 16x12
Strip ad. (cm)    5x32 5x32 5x33 5x33 5x33 5x25 5x25 5x25
Ear space ad. (cm)   5x7 5x7 5x8 5x8 5x8 No No No
other sizes                  
obituaries   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Classifieds   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Photo Classifieds   No Yes No Yes No No No No
Rates per column cm. (b/w)   Rs.125/=  Rs.170/=  Rs.180/= Rs.385/= Rs.120/=  Rs.150/= Rs.80/=  Rs.72/= 
Add 75% for front page      
Add 40% for back page       
Add 40% for page 03      
Add 30% for any other specified page      
Add 30% for centre page double spread      
Add 30% for one colour      
Add 60% for full colour      
Add 15% VAT      
Payment   Pre-payment, by TT, Credit Card or Bank Draft. All bank charges to advertiser's account.  
Bank details: Bank of Ceylon Corporate Branch Colombo 1.       
   Upali Newspapers Ltd. A/c 0000000502.