Deva Adithya - Fiji’s official candidate for top UN post
By Sunil C. Perera

It is announced that Niranjan Deva-Aditya has become an official candidate to succeed Kofi Annan as Secretary-General of the United Nations when he retires at the end of this year. Ambassador Deva-Aditya has been nominated by the Republic of Fiji.

In the letter of nomination to the President of the Security Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Fiji said:

"I am writing to request you to add the name of Niranjan Deva-Aditya, Ambassador-at-Large of Sri Lanka to your list of candidates. Ambassador Deva is a resourceful candidate – a Sri Lankan citizen with family, roots, and businesses in Sri Lanka – he has become a global personality, making a significant contribution to global politics, aid and development at the multilateral level."

In his letter to the President of the Security Council accepting thenomination, Ambassador Deva said:

"Although I am an Asian and a Sri Lankan citizen, I do not seek to be a Sri Lankan nominee, as Sri Lanka fielded an excellent candidate as long ago as December 4th 2004. You will recall that on 2nd June 2006, your predecessor as President of the Security Council wrote to the President of the General Assembly, confirming that a Member State may present candidates, nationals and /or non nationals of that State at any stage of the process.

I am very honoured indeed to accept the nomination of Fiji, and thereby to become an official candidate."


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