President only trustworthy person to resolve estates wage problem Digamberam

Deraniyagala: Central Province Member and Leader of the United Workers’ Liberation Front P. Digamberam addressing a meeting held at Yatiyantota said that President Mahinda Rajapakse is the only person who can resolve the wage increase problem of estate workers. There is no other person in the country who understands the suffering of estate workers. The president is an honest and trustworthy person who can be relied upon to solve the estates wage problem. I have no hesitation to say that he would intervene and resolve it.

Digamberam said, if the President makes a genuine effort, the UWLF is prepared to extend its fullest support and co-operation.

He said that the Tamils, in particular the estate Tamils of Indian origin are a grateful lot. They will always remember the president with gratitude and will also vote for him in the future elections. At the last presidential election, our front voted for Rajapakse and will continue to do so.

He said that he was aware of certain plantation leaders who have secured ministerial posts even without resolving estate workers’ problems. The so-called leaders are opportunists and have no regard for the welfare of estate workers.

Therefore, he said, workers on estates should identify their leaders who are dedicated and have implicit faith in them.

Digamberam said that estate workers are indebted to President Mahinda Rajapakse for his unstinted efforts to change for the better the social and econmic condition of estate workers.


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