Another teledrama abruptly stopped

Free Media Movement yesterday urged the government not to stop the telecast of "Sudu Kapuru Pethi"

The Rupavahini Corporation has stopped telecasting the teledrama without giving any reasons after the 10th episode from last week. This action marks another blow to freedom of expression and highlights the negative impact of government political control of what should be an independent public broadcaster capable of reflecting the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan society, the FMM said.

The teledrama "Sudu Kapuru Pethi" is based on the award winning youth novel published in 2003 and was produced by Atula Peries, and award winning dramatist working at the SLRC as a producer. The story is set amidst the ongoing ethnic conflict.

Unofficially it has been told that the teledrama was banned because it discusses issues related to the Tamil people. By abruptly stopping the telecast without the knowledge of the producer, the phrase "Jaffna tears is cold as tears in Hambantota" in the last episode shown on SLRC reflects the level of censorship considered acceptable by the national broadcaster.

Recreating and promoting tolerance of diversity is a right of cultural productions. Banning of the seemingly uncontroversial Sudu Kapuru Pethi" reflects the continuing suppression of cultural production in Sri Lanka.

The Free Media Movement condemns the said action and requests the SLRC authorities to allow "Sudu Kapuru Pethi" to be telecast on SLRC.


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