Splendid envoy!

What a splendid ambassador for India Nirupama [=without compare] Rao makes? She brazenly lies abroad for her country.

Jay Hind!
Yan Yindian

Learn or depart!

Hats off to Mr Anura Bandaranaike for his forthright views on the Indian High Commissioner, Ms Rao, who has been interfering in Sri Lankan politics from the time she was appointed. She has been dabbling and causing immense damage to Sri Lanka’s attempt to unite.

India has been the main cause of the current terrorist problem we are facing as they were the ones who trained and armed the LTTE in the first place. Whenever our valiant armed forces were poised to give a knock-out punch to the terrorists, it was India who came to their support. When Sri Lanka requested India for support, they refused. And thanks to Pakistan,  our armed forces were given a much-needed boost.

So it is time this interference stops, and both India and the Indian High Commissioner told that enough is enough....either you help us or stop being the interfering ‘busybody’.

It is obvious to all that India does not want a peaceful,stable,prosperous Sri Lanka for reasons beyond comrehension.

 So we Sri Lankans should tell Ms Nirupuma Rao Discede Aut Discede learn or depart - learn about Sri Lankan politics, do not interfere if not depart ....or get out!

M. Fernando


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