Bryan Nicholas’ JRJ

Bryan Nicholas has praised his relative, JRJ, in The Island of September 8, 2006. He must be thinking that the readership of The Island is gullible. He praises JRJ’s achievements in the international arena.

Is Bryan Nicholas ignorant of the following:

1.  India was our friendly neighbour when JRJ came to power in 1977. He succeeded in reversing that position. He also presided over the country during the first foreign invasion if independent Sri Lanka (the great Indian PARIPPU drop over Jaffna).

2. JRJ made our foreign policy foreign with the assistance of his long-standing Foreign Minister, A. C. S. Hameed. JRJ’s foreign policy fades into insignificance compared to that of Mrs. Bandaranaike’s achievements.

On the domestic scene he succeeded in:

1. Democratising corruption.

2. In 1977 our country was unified and undivided. I need not comment on how he messed it up.

3. Volumes have been written about Black July.

Finally, Nicholas makes a sorry attempt to compare JRJ with Georges Clemenceau, Winston Churchill and Konrad Adenauer. They didn’t leave their countries in a mess when they left office.

I suggest we commemorate the September 17 as the birthday of the great patriot Anagarika Dharmapala.

J K Wijedasa



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