SLT tie up with Huawei to expand broadband Internet coverage

The countryís premier telecommunications provider, Sri Lanka Telecom, partners with global giant, Huawei Technologies in an exciting new project that will enable its customers to enjoy Broadband facilities at an affordable price. The tie-up will enable SLT customers to enjoy a host of value added services such as high speed Broadband Internet, VoIP services, IPTV, Video on demand (VoD), e-Learning and Gaming, ushering in a new era in communications technology in Sri Lanka.

"Till recently, services such as video conferencing and IP telephony have been limited to top corporates who benefit from being connected to high bandwidth virtual private networks, while domestic customers also demanding for the high speed internet, video conferencing and so on", says Mr Shuhei Anan CEO, SLT. The new 100,000 ADSL project launched by Sri Lanka Telecom, will allow more customers to go online with DSL [Digital Subscriber Line] services and also facilitate high bandwidth triple play services for all Sri Lankaís technology buffs. The project which will use the SLTís existing copper wire line network will enable SLT to provide standard DSL connectivity to many suburban and rural parts of Sri Lanka currently not enjoying DSL coverage, thus creating a significant impact on the economy.

Broadband services on ADSL [Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line] are a fast growing product offering 100% growth per annum over the last two years. Broadband access has seen tremendous growth globally with over 500% growth reported from 2003 to 2005. ADSL is no longer a service limited to business and is now emerging as a valuable tool for households across the island, for students and for small scale entrepreneurs who have learnt to harness the tremendous potential of communications technology.

This exciting new initiative from Sri Lanka Telecom, which is powered by Huawei Technologies, will help SLT partner with the national mega ICT projects like SchoolNet, Nenasala and e-government to provide connectivity to many schools, education institutes and homes across rural and urban Sri Lanka thus helping the government and ICTA achieve the objectives of creating "e-citizens" by giving people access to information through the internet at affordable prices.


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