Tigers lose senior fighter

by Norman Palihawadana

The LTTE yesterday admitted to losing a very senior cadre in a battle against the armed forces.

‘Colonel’ Akbar was killed in the fighting, LTTE spokesman Daya ‘Master’ told The Island.

He said the LTTE had set aside yesterday as a day of mourning in Kilinochchi for their cadres killed in fighting.

He said some injured soldiers, admitted to the Kilinochchi Hospital, would be held in LTTE custody.

The LTTE leadership will announce in a few days their team for the proposed Geneva peace talks and the Japanese Special Peace envoy Yasushi Akashi will be meeting the LTTE political wing leader Thamil Selvan tomorrow (18) he said.

Defence Spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said the SLMM and the ICRC have been requested by the Government to secure the release of injured soldiers in the custody of the LTTE.

The trawler carrying arms which exploded after it was attacked by the Navy on Sunday was an LTTE vessel, but the LTTE denying its ownership was a matter for amusement he said.



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