Condemning Hindu Priest’s killing
A’Sangaree asks Govt if it still wants to talk to LTTE

TULF leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday, condemning the LTTE killing of the high Priest of Santiveli Pillaiyar Temple S. P. Kurukkal, queried whether the Government and the international community still wanted to invite the terrorists for talks.

"In all seriousness I ask His Excellency the President whether it is with these irresponsible men (LTTE) that he wants to have talks and hand over the future of Tamil community to them. With so much abduction, killings, and clay-more mine attacks, does the international community still want the Government to start talks with the LTTE. If the much pressurized talks take place with the LTTE and if by any chance the parties come to some understanding will the Tamils be handed over to LTTE for them to rule?" Anandasangaree queried in a release issued to media condemning the murder of Kurukkal.

"I reiterate that under no circumstance should the Government agree to hand over power to them even for a day.

Whatever settlement is reached, it should be on the basis of a democratic process," he said.

"I strongly condemn the brutal killing of the High Priest of the Santhiveli Pillaiyar Temple Selliah Parameswara Kurukkal by the LTTE cadre. Brahmins by nature are timid and submissive and rarely fight, quarrel or hurt anybody. These three self proclaimed heroes would have humiliated and tortured this poor Brahmin before they gunned him down. The crime he committed was garlanding the Head of the State and the death sentence was passed and executed by three unscrupulous youths of the LTTE cadre," Sangaree said.

"While expressing my deepest sympathies to the Kurukkal’s family, I strongly urge the Government to take over the responsibility of giving good education for his children who are not that fortunate as the children of the LTTE leaders to have them educated in a foreign country. I hope the TNA will also will strongly condemn this cruel act of the LTTE," the release added.


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