Condolence Vote: U.L.M. Mohideen
He served people of his area well -
Nimal Siripala
by Wijitha Nakkawita and Lakshmi de Silva

Passing a vote of condolence on former Digamadulla Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Social Service late U. L. M. Mohideen, Leader of the House Nimal Siripala de Silva said he was elected twice to the Parliament and he served the people of the area well for 17 years.

Before the vote of condolence the Speaker said that there were 38 deceased Members of Parliament for whom votes of condolence will have to be moved in the House. Therefore the House could allocate only one hour for one person as agreed upon at the Party Leaders meeting.

U. L. M. Mohideen had his primary education in Batticaloa and later his secondary and higher studies at Zahira College and Alexandra College. Later he entered the Law College. He was a lawyer by profession. He was first a Pradeshiya Sabha President of Samanthurai and later became a Member of Parliament. He was fluent in three languages and was an example for all who attended parliament waiting until the sittings were over.

Minister for Petroleum and Petroleum Resources A. H. M. Fowzie said the late Deputy Minister U. L. M. Mohideen was one of his schoolmates. Even before Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike joined the SLFP Lebbe was a member of the Party. He was a practical peace maker and men of his calibre were very rare.

Minister of Plan Implementation P. Dayaratne said late U. L. M. Mohideen was concerned about his people. He attended the District Coordinating Committees and attempted to solve the problems within the District itself. He had a very high regard of D. S. Senananyake and has Gal Oya Irrigation Project.

Deputy Minister Plantation Crop Development Hasen Ali said he was one of the senior politicians from his area who had good qualities. Though he was a lawyer he served the poor without charging fees for his services. It was pleasant to listen to his speeches.

Minister for Irrigation Anver Ismail said the Deputy Minister U. L. M, Mohideen played a pivotal role in the social activities of Samanthurai and became a famous person.


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