TWO storied building on the bus route No. 177
at the distance of 20 meter of 20 perches is for sale
with the house situated at Malabe.
0115 - 671586.

1967 November 5' 1" Height Very fair Educated Executive Grade well mannered only child substantial Dowry Rahu 7 UTRAPAL NEKATHA  Looking for an educated sober habits partner live on abroad 12/022

Mrs. I. Welatrantri

No 01, Castle Terrace,

Colombo 08

Wattala,  Mabole 29.5 Perches Land with 4 Rooms House for immediate Sale

e Mail:-

no abstinance  based on cosmogony

Herbert Magus
Sri lanka time
call : 0785-797751
between 8 - 10 a.m., 7 - 9 p.m.


A Contemplation Technique

Concentration and rhythmic breathing on purifying four bodily elements such as wind, water, fire, earth. Leading to the fifth element of the bodily composition, Universal ether and consciousness. And reunification with the unvarying cosmic universal "law of cause and effect" PYTHOGORAS. First a Greek philosopher, devine healer, mystic, later the mathematician of "Perpetual Motion" know to modern esoterists as "SYNCHRONICITY" system of altering the force of destiny.

Age rejuvenation technique, basic relaxation, and breathing, emotion and stress control. Advance  rejuvenating the physical body and the age by transforming the astral body.

Healing prolonged mental and physical ailments by a technique of spiritualising of the astral body in the metaphysical plane. Also 4th dimension time travel. Universal memory bank.

Benefits from timeless realm 4th plane 5th dimension concept. Await, future atmosphere of regard for the acts of psychism/Telekinesis. Phenomenal act of space and time anihilation in air and on sea water.

No discussions of comparative spiritualities and sociology. I'm not an agent neither financed by foreign organizations. Gift and natural abilities were development by the Sri Lankan myself Herbert Magus in accordance with universal reflections. No preaching. No converts. Venue in a public hall until a proper centre is in function will be notified. Discussions only on cosmic energy invisible bodies and intelligences.

Avoid confusion. Long dress of the conductor does not belong to any particular personage, but of western esoterist. No connection with Deity worship and magnetic chain rituals.




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