CIMA expands into the Maldives

CIMA has today announced the accreditation of the first CIMA Learning Partner in the Maldives. This is a landmark achievement for CIMA in the region and a turning point in their expansion outside of the primary market of Colombo.

The naming of Villa College as a CIMA Learning Listed College is a significant achievement for the institute and brings with it opportunities for CIMA to contribute to the growing skills requirement in the Maldives.

The Maldives is home to a population of 11,000 Cambridge O level students, of which 2,000 go on to take London A level examinations. The education available in the Maldives is however limited to primary and secondary education, thus students wishing to pursue higher education are required to travel abroad for further study. Despite this many Maldivian students currently pursue higher education including professional qualifications, university degrees and college diplomas in Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries. In accrediting Villa College, CIMA will now be directly servicing the demand for the Chartered Management Accounting qualification among businesses and students on the islands.

The launch of CIMA in the Maldives will bring a multitude of benefits to the region as a whole. The partnership with Villa College is an excellent facilitator for CIMA in Sri Lanka where the CIMA qualification has been well established for over 40 years. In Sri Lanka CIMA has provided the catalyst and foundation for international companies to set up their outsourced finance operations from the UK and establish world class finance research activity in the country. CIMA tuition in the Maldives will further attract students to CIMA Learning Quality Partners and employers in Sri Lanka thus strengthening the talent pool available to the Sri Lankan business community.



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