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Arrest and detention of Tamils in WP
Court wants list of
detainees by Dec. 10

DSG admits only 83 released so far

The Supreme Court yesterday advised the Deputy Solicitor General Shavindra Fernando to prepare a list of the Tamil citizens, of the Western Province, who were arrested and detained in connection with the Nugegoda bomb blast last week. The list has to be ready by December 10, 2007. The petitioners, the Ceylon Workers’ Congress and the Centre for Policy Alternatives, were granted leave to proceed in the fundamental rights violation application.

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Following a Supreme Court ruling that all permanent road barriers should be removed, the barrier at the entrance to the Supreme Court complex was opened and vehicles were allowed to enter the Court complex freely.
(Photo-Kamal Bogoda)

  • Roadside security checks on sans barricades across roads
    Barriers form critical part of defence against explosives laden vehicles

    Acknowledging that the removal of permanent barricades on Colombo roads would be a severe hindrance, the government yesterday emphasized that checks would continue. "We’ll have no option but to change our strategy accordingly," a senior Defence official said.

  • Tamil parties condemn LTTE acts
    The leaders of three Tamil parties, the TULF, PLOTE and the EPRLF-(Pathmanabha), yesterday condemned Wednesday’s LTTE claymore bomb attack at Kebitigollewa, which killed 15 and injured 28.

  • Matsuura’s Problem:
    UNESCO moves from peace to defend terrorism

    Former Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and Sri Lankan Ambassador to France. What is really behind UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura condemning the destruction by the Sri Lankan Air Force of the clandestine radio broadcasting facility operated by the LTTE terrorist group without a license from the government of Sri Lanka? Does it not hark back to the memories of the time the Japanese militarists along with Nazis operated broadcasts to other countries of the world from clandestine radios established around these countries?

  • Sri Lanka Navy Comes of Age!
    When George Washington claimed "Under all circumstances a decisive naval Superiority is to be considered a fundamental principle, and the basis upon which all hope of success must ultimately depend.", one wonders if he would ever have regarded a tiny island way out in the Indian Ocean, with not such a forceful Naval presence with meagre assets, capable of causing such havoc to a globally feared, ruthless terrorist outfit such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), within a short space of four weeks, entirely on its own, without the support of ground or air support, or any external assistance.

    It has so happene
  • Humans can ward off climate threat
    The environmental problems of the world today seem to be getting out of hand: Climate change, acid rain, destruction of the ozone layer, sharp decrease of tropical forests, and desertification. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has basically concluded that global warming is largely caused by human activities in its fourth assessment report.
  • Ceylon Motor Show 2007 – a memorable event
    The Ceylon Motor Show 2007 (CMS) was undoubtedly one of the most awaited events in the local motoring calendar. Riding on the theme ‘Future on wheels’, it was on par with most international motor shows in terms of standardized décor, entertainment and overall event layout.

    Both indices and tur.5 million from Rs. 196.2 million the previous day.

  • Carsons Real Estate introduces MetropolisAddress for
    affordable ocean-view luxury living

    Carsons Real Estate (CRE) was in an enviable position recently as it introduced its first condominium development – Metropolis. Situated on prime residential space at Templer’s Road, in the heart of Mount Lavinia, this affordable ocean-view luxury living concept is being developed as a community for like-minded people.
  • Rearguard hero Prior replays his Murali moment
    England were a frustrating five overs away from saving the first Test in Kandy, according to their wicketkeeper Matt Prior, whose partnership of 109 with Ian Bell had given his side hope of escaping with a morale-boosting draw. "A lot of hard work went into it," the Sussex player said. "To get so close and just fall short at the end was fairly heart-breaking. We knew that was the stage that we had to get through and we were literally five overs away from saving that game.
  • Into the jaws of death rides the brave Sri Lanka Cricket…
    Despite the confusion and chaos at the Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium, no one would have complained about the quality of cricket that was on display throughout the five days in Kandy. Leave aside the off the field politics that has crippled the game, if you were a genuine cricket lover, you got your money’s worth with the quality cricket staged at the venue.

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