Tuesday 11th December, 2007

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Lanka seeks access to
top LTTE agent in
Indian custody

* Two previous requests for access denied
* UK funds for LTTE procurers in TN
* Accomplice in three previous  missions had valid travel documents
* Smuggled in supplies among beedi  consignment

Although India has overlooked previous requests for access to LTTE operatives in her custody on, what a senior official called, domestic political reasons, Sri Lanka is confident that a chance to question Jayakumar (34) alias Gowrishankar, a senior Sea Tiger in Indian custody wouldn’t be denied.
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Hundreds of students of the Sabaragamuwa University picketed opposite the University Grants Commission at Ward Place yesterday demanding that the Applied Science Faculty be shifted to the main campus at Belihuloya from Buttala. Police tear gassed and used water cannon to dispurse them. Later, as seen in the picture, they squatted opposite the Vihara Maha Devi Park and engaged in a satyagraha. Nearly ten students were hospitalized due to injuries sustained while fleeing the tear gas attack. Six were arrested for disobeying Police orders.
(Photo-Chandrasiri Weerasinghe)

  • President vows to continue war on terror

    Addressing the Sri Lankan community at the Shinagata Prince Hotel in Tokyo yesterday, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that irrespective of challenges and obstacles the war on terror would be continued until an environment is created in Sri Lanka for all communities to live in amity.

  • May have witnessed Kanyakumari massacre
    LTTE gang involved in arms smuggling
    charged under Indian Passport Act

    Six LTTE cadres, who may have had vital clues on the May 29 Kanyakumari massacre of Indian fishermen, had been tried on a charge of violating the Indian Passport Act and a seven-month prison sentence given by the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Ramanatha-puram set off against the period they had served in Madurai prison.

  • A Public Confession of some Private Sins

    The year is drawing to a close and we will no doubt see various reviews of performance reported in the press – whether it be of the economy or of the regime or even of the highest in the land. In the Christian tradition, performance evaluation always involves confession. Since in fact I belong to that tradition, I crave the indulgence of readers to hear out my confession of some sins of omission as part of my own performance evaluation – I am afraid it is like washing my dirty linen in public.

  • Thoughts on Chilcott and English

    English is our gateway to world culture and world literature. English is absolutely necessary for international communication and it is the medium by which we can acquire scientific knowledge. But all these undeniable facts do not constitute an argument to discard and disregard the national languages or to -give them a subordinate place." Martin Wickramasinghe " Aspects of Sinhalese culture " 1952.

  • Sidebottom strikes after England’s 351

    England have the edge in the second Test match against Sri Lanka after they took two quick wickets before the tea break on the second day here at the Singhalese Sports Club ground.

  • Flames of controversy over catch

    It takes only a couple of seconds for genuine controversy to erupt as it did late afternoon on Sunday when the second Test between Sri Lanka and England was brought to life by an umpiring decision.

England batsman Matthew Prior plays a shot during the second day of the second test cricket match against Sri Lanka in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Monday, Dec. 10, 2007.
(AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena)
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