Devananda denies blocking 13th amendment
by Franklin.R.Satyapalan

EPDP Leader, Minister Douglas Devananda, yesterday denied reports that he had blocked the Government’s move to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution by protesting against President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s decision to appoint former parliamentarian and Leader of the TULF V. Anandasangari as the chief Administrator of the Northern Province.

"On the contrary it was I who proposed to the President that due to the APRC’s arriving at a final solution being delayed, the Government could as an Interim Solution implement the 13th Amendment by gazetting the setting up of councils for the North and the East."

He said he made the proposal to fill the political vacuum created by the lack of political leadership in the administration of the North and the East over the past several decades.

A Chief Minister of a province, he said is elected by the people at an election and a Chief Administrator is nominated by the President who is empowered to do so under section 154 of the Constitution.

Even if the APRC is able to arrive at a final solution without delay it would need a 2/3rd majority in the Parliament and this could take some time to implement, that was why he proposed an Interim Solution, he said.



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