‘Boru show’ makes politicos sitting ducks - Police
by Norman Palihawadena

Police yesterday attributed the death of politicians on the road in bomb attacks to the ‘Boru Show’ (Showing off) adopted by them.

"They travel in their VIP vehicles in a convoy, flashing the headlights and the security men in the pilot vehicles signal and shout at drivers of all other vehicles to promptly pull up or move away. That obviously alerts the terrorist that their prized catch is approaching and all that they have to do is to trigger the explosion as the VIP’s vehicle draws parallel to the bomb hidden on the wayside", a high ranking Police officer, said in frustration.

"Why try to be so conspicuous and alert the enemy?" he asked.

He said that instead of discreetly reaching their destination, they make it obvious to the waiting terrorists that they are on their way, making matters easy for the killers. The terrorists need not be alerted by anyone else that their target is drawing near. The High ranking Police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

The CID and the North Western Range Crime Detective Bureau commenced separate investigations into the assassination of non-Cabinet Minister of Nation Building, who died in a claymore mine blast on Tuesday morning at Tudella, Ja-Ela on his way to Parliament. There were two other high profile Ministers who were to use the same route on their way to Parliament. Highways Minister and Chief Government Whip Jeyaraj Ferndopulle was at his Negombo residence and Felix Perera, Minister of Fisheries, was at his Ja-Ela residence when Dasanayake died at Tudella.

Police intelligence said that the terrorists who planted the claymore mine and waited for the Ministerial convoy would not have known who the approaching VIP was and nevertheless cared two hoots about his identity. They, too, would have known who their victim was only after listening or seeing the "Breaking News" on radios and televisions, Police said.

Investigations have now revealed the claymore mine, weighing about 10 kilos had been hidden in a shrub jungle a few feet away from the pavement on the left side of the lane that was leading towards Colombo from Negombo.

A boutique keeper near a bus halt had told Police that he saw two youth in an animated conversation and he did not suspect anything since they both looked friendly and appeared to be men from the locality. However, soon after the blast he did not see either of them. The boutique keeper believes that they could be the culprits.

Police also said that they would take up the VIP security subject at the next Security Council meeting and wanted many fool proof adjustments to the present system,

The funeral of the slain Minister is scheduled to be held on Saturday, January 12 afternoon at Anamaduwa. Security has been tightened in and around Anamaduwa since many high profile politicians are expected to pay their last respects to the late Dasanayake there.



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