Digital lifestyle at EDEX

by Rochelle Gunaratne

The SLT Mobitel stall at EDEX was exceptional and it gave us an insight or as the invitation states an "opportunity to experience the digital lifestyle".

Initially we were shown the wonders of the MOBILE-EYE which is a digitally controlled camera enabling the mobitel user to view the scene which is filmed by the camera, which is relatively weightless and user-friendly in every sense of the word.

The five Television channels which can be viewed by Mobitel users are Rupavahini, I.T.N, Derana, Swarnawahini and ART TV.

Technological advancement was further proved by the digital marvels of SLT ( Sri Lanka Telecom). The Art corner was manned by two visual artists Lalith and Anura from Theertha International, who stated that SLT broadband has enhanced and liberated the work of artists. It offers veritable exposure and opportunities within a short time span. He referred to SLT as a trendsetter and an asset to the user.

The presence of a Literature Corner was interesting and the exhibitionists had posted an exclusive blog, titled for the purpose of creating awareness amongsts the populace and providing an avenue for feedback and the SLT web page ensured access to the sub workshops ( Digi art, EDEX FM and Netshore), which were exhibited at the EDEX stall.

The SLT website provides the SLT NET messenger service in three languages which is unique as it requires the user to download the application automatically.

Net Tunes Live was exhibited by the Royal College Radio Club, Sudeera explained. Their task which was to upload and listen. He stressed on the major role SLT plays by offering efficient internet access. Broadband music was fascinating as it enables the musician to play whatever instrument and it uploads the sound through the music file application.

The other features were IPTV with a remarkable feature of rewinding the live programme, video on TV, multiplay- ability to record voice, data, video and access to the internet and video, and this is set to launch in October 2008.

Wizz World was another attraction by SLT, a feature which is in the test process. The SLT Wizz IP phone is a true futuristic digital experience.

The SLT /Mobitel Stall at EDEX paved the way for an experience of a lifetime giving us an insight to a world of digital possibilities.


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