TNA slams UPFA-Karuna electoral alliance

The Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi yesterday said that there was absolutely no purpose in contesting the forthcoming local government elections in the Batticaloa district, mainly due to the TMVP (Karuna faction), contesting the poll both in alliance with the ruling UPFA and also independently.

Mavai S. Senathirajah, General Secretary of the party said that the March 10 poll wouldn’t be free and fair, and that the result of the election would be a perversion of democracy.

"The TMVP is an armed para-miliary group. It has moved around in the Eastern province, openly brandishing weapons. The TMVP displays a strong armed presence in all parts of the Batticaloa District. It has freely used its weapons against the people. Extra judicial killings in all parts of the Batticaloa District have is a common and continuing occurrence. Abductions and extortions are rampant. The Police and the Armed Forces do not take any action against the cadres of the TMVP. The law enforcement machinery in the Batticaloa District is paralysed. No investigations are conducted nor any arrests made in regard to any crimes committed by TMVP cadres," he told ‘The Island’.

Responding to queries raised by ‘The Island’, he acknowledged that the TMVP was continuing what the LTTE did.

He said that as the TMVP enjoyed the patronage of the present government, the Police and Armed forces work hand in glove with the TMVP. "The people are gripped with the fear that the TMVP can, with impunity, impose the death penalty against anyone who opposes them," he said.

He said that the climate of fear was compounded by the UPFA and the TMVP alliance. He listed the following incidents as atrocities committed by the TMVP against politicians.

1. The killing of Joseph Pararajasingham, MP inside a church at Batticaloa on Christmas eve, 2005.

2. The rocket propelled grenade attack on the residence in Batticaloa of S. Jeyananthamoorthy, MP Batticaloa, on 21 July 2007, and the subsequent murder of his step brother Thambipillai Thiyagachanthiran on 20th August 2007 at Batticaloa.

3. The abduction of K. Sasitharan at Batticaloa, son-in-law of T. Kanagasabai, MP Batticaloa on 18th November 2007 and intimidation of death, so as to prevent Kanagasabai exercising his vote in Parliament at the 2nd reading of the Budget on 19th November, 2007.

4. The abduction of P. Srikanthaseya at Batticaloa, brother of P. Ariyanenthiran, MP Batticaloa; the abduction of Arunachelan Sivapatham at Batticaloa, nephew of S. Jeyananthamoorthy, MP Batticaloa; the abduction of R. Nagalingam at Batticaloa, personal secretary of Ms. K. Thangeswary, MP Batticaloa; accompanied by intimidation of death of all three persons, so as to prevent the said three Members of Parliament from voting in Parliament at the 3rd reading of the Budget on 14th December 2007.

5. The following Members of Local Authorities of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi elected to local bodies in the Amparai and Trincomalee Districts in March 2006 have been shot and killed by the TMVP.

(I) Mr. Gopalasundaram Pathmakalapan, Member of the Seruvilla Pradeshiya Sabha, Trincomalee District on 30th October 2006.

(II) Mr. Thangarasa Ithayarasa, member of the Kinniya Town Council Trincomalee District on 26th January 2007.

(III) Mr. Thilainayagam Uthayakumar, Chairman, Thirukkovil Pradeshiya Sabha, Amparai District on 26th June 2007.

(IV) Several other local politicians have been killed.

(V) Several other local politicians have been abducted.

6. Numerous other extra-judicial executions of civilians in the Eastern Province, particularly in the Batticaloa District, have taken place in 2006, and are continuing. It is reasonably estimated that around 400 civilians have been victims of extra-judicial executions or enforced disappearances at the hands of the TMVP in the Batticaloa District, since mid 2006.

It is also widely known that Professor S. Raveendranath, the Vice-Chancellor of the Batticaloa University was abducted within a High Security Zone in Colombo, by the TMVP, and it is widely believed now, that he has been killed.



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