Kandos leads the way with leading supermarket chains

Kandos has maintained a clear market leader status in the Sri Lankan chocolate segment, with a market share of 56%. It was the premier chocolate long before foreign competitors and local imitators arrived on the scene. The local consumer has been exposed to the unique taste of Kandos for the past 45 years, thus ensuring brand loyalty. Based on current sales levels, one hundred units of Kandos are consumed every minute in Sri Lanka.

Whilst the market is now quite sophisticated, with many new flavours, pack designs and display configurations, Kandos has recognized the value of market segmentation and it reaches each market segment in unique ways. Hence , whilst the majority of Kandos chocolates have premium, high quality cocoa butter ( CB ) formulae, the brand also caters to value conscious market segments with a range of non cocoa butter ( NCB ) chocolates. Kandos always prides itself on using high quality ingredients for all its chocolates, whether CB or NCB, as do all world class chocolate manufacturers. In fact, 95% of number one cocoa beans harvested in Sri Lanka are used in the production of Kandos CB chocolates.

It is no surprise then, that Kandos dominates market shares in leading supermarket chains such as Cargills Food City ( 54% share), Keells Super ( 66% share) and Arpico Super Center ( 60% share) , well ahead of other local brands as well as foreign chocolates. Supermarkets offer a superior shopping experience to consumers and are the fastest growing trade channel in Sri Lanka. It is therefore of great importance for Kandos to occupy its position of brand leader in this trade channel, amongst all the leading supermarket chains.

All this has combined to make Kandos not just a successful Sri Lankan brand, but a Superbrand with a Surya Singha award - an unique local brand we can be truly proud of.


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