Foreign Ministry saddled with hormone dysfunction
by Mike Andree

Despite all the problems the Foreign Minister is confronted with, he has no respite from the hawk eyes of the paparazzi and journalist investigators who go into every bill he runs up and every turn he take. This information is readily supplied by the foreign ministry trade union guys who are absolutely mad that outsiders are being regularly appointed to various posts which should rightly have been theirs. They know the plums. They know the perks. They do not care a damn about foreign policy or world opinion, they only want the perks to be divided amongst themselves. They think they are the cats whiskers. Are they? If they are, then how did the Tigers often prey when they were asleep. The propaganda machine of Tigers, inspite of child soldiers and women suicide bombers, is able to convince the western powers that they are lily white freedom fighters.

Now Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying to destablise their hold on world affairs by appointing political cronies they say. In fact, what they are complaining off is not the political appointments but the loss of perks and other entitlements that they had been enjoying while the Tigers’ Foreign agents were making inroads into the western minds, brain washing them like they do their female suicide bombers.

Recently, it has been reveled that one petty, not pretty, female sleuth of the foreign ministry, assigned to an important diplomatic mission in the West is taking treatment form Hormonal dysfuncations and for irregular menstruation costing the state nearly Three Million Rupees. No audit query. No health query. The government is paying the hard earned tax payers’ money to help a foreign ministry ‘senorita’ to correct her hormonal and Menstrual dysfunctions. Very soon, all old political appointees will follow suit and request the government to pay for various enhancements of organs and other dysfunctions associated with age. The Foreign Ministry auditors will not query as the circular has it that other than when a person is dying of heart problems, by pass surgery is denied. The strange circular has not considered a that favoured senorita’s hormonal dysfunctions are important.

Mr. Minister, naturally you are in the dock because your foreign ministry guys have enjoyed these bloated health claims for years without a query and would not like you interfering with their freedom for if you do they may leak other stories to the media to life too uncomfortable.


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