Friday 29th February, 2008

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Govt’s cheaper gas pledge no Laugfing matter

In the event of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation entering the domestic LPG market, Laugfs Gas, which is selling at the lowest price, would be compelled to raise its price, warned Chairman W. K. H. Wegapitiya. He said Laugfs buys 35 per cent of its requirement from the CPC while the balance is imported at a cost of Rs 200 million per month.
Commenting on Petroleum Resources Minister A. H. M. Fowzie’s ambitious plan to sell the locally produced gas at 10 per cent less than the prevailing price of Laugfs, Wegapitiya said that only the first 50 metric tons, ....

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Deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra goes down on his knees at the Suvarnabhumi international airport shortly after his arrival Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. Thaksin was greeted at the airport by senior officials in Thailand's new government and other "people who love him" when he returned Thursday from 17 months in exile. Thaksin has been living abroad since he was ousted in a September 2006 coup. (AP)

  • LTTE op. claims he came to sue Govt. for destroying his ship

    Muttusamy Ilango alias Samy, one of the top undercover LTTE international operatives, arrested recently in a Colombo lodge, had confessed that he was responsible for several illegal operations such as abducting businessmen and extorting funds for the terrorist outfit besides running arms shipments and drug smuggling, a police special investigation team source told The Island.

  • 500 tonnes of duty free Pakistani Basmati rice up for grabs

    Sri Lankan businessman can import 500 tonnes of long grain Pakistani Basmati rice duty free following approval by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), government sources said.

  • Pakistani voters suing for moderation

    Coming close on the heels of the contentious Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by Kosovo which has caused ripples of controversy in most separatism-hit countries, including Sri Lanka, the triumph of secular parties in Pakistan's recently concluded general election is an equally urgent wake-up call to Third World states, particularly those which swear by an iron-fist military response to the terror phenomenon.

  • Poverty focussed development and microfinance:
    Policies and prospects
    Part I

    Sri Lanka, by the 1980s, possessed substantial achievements in human development in areas such as universal primary school enrollment, a high literacy rate, gender equality, lowered infant and maternal mortality, a high life expectancy etc. largely due to the welfare-oriented development strategies followed since independence in 1948.

  • Proposed electricity tariff increase affects industry

    The Industrial Sector has been expressing their concern about the uncompetitive Industrial Tariff Electricity for a considerable period of time. The existing Tariff itself is much higher than those in other Countries with whom Sri Lankan Industries have to compete. Besides the Tariff, the quality of the power supply too is much to be desired and continues to be a burden for the Industry.
  • Insurance fraud: Rs.8m and counting…
    Insurance Board discovers leasing
    companies with hands unlawfully in insurance business

    According to IBSL laid down regulations, premiums must be paid into the insurance companies within the premium due date which falls 60 days after the inception of the insurance cover and according to the ‘premium payment warranty’ if the premiums are not received by then the policies are terminated.
  • Mahela denies  'misbehaviour' allegations

    Denying news reports that misbehaviour by some players was the reason for team's poor showing in Australia, Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene told journalists that he had no reasons to grumble about the discipline of the players. Media reports from Colombo alleged that some players have been partying till late during the tour, but Jayawardene denied the reports.

  • Thurstan-Isipatana 45th Big Match
    It’s no Gulliver Vs Lilliput at SSC grounds

    Just a year after we mentioned about a vast gulf that existed between Isipatana and Thurstan on these pages, it’s quite a different story that we have to pen about the two outfits as they meet in their 45th Annual ‘Big Match’ played for the Blackham Wijewardena Trophy, commencing today at the SSC Grounds.

  • Steroid ban for horse
    racing is near
    LEXINGTON, Kentucky (AP) -
    The U.S. Congress has expanded itsprobe into doping in sports to include horse racing, with one of the industry's top officials defending what he called a much improved, ........
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