Cabraal’s hard work erased by ‘Hard Talk’

Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal has not yet heard from BBC why his interview with the popular `Hard Talk’ show to be aired in connections with Sri Lanka’s 60th Independence Anniversary has been blacked out.

But Bell Pottinger, Sri Lanka’s PR consultants in Britain, had been told that the tapes had been accidentally erased, an explanation widely received with more than the usual pinch of salt.

``You’ll need a whole barrel of salt to swallow that story,’’ one cynic commented.

Cabraal flew specially to London for the interview after BBC invited participation at the show at a senior level of government by somebody who’d take all questions. The governor had been asked at the highest levels of government whether he’d be able to handle a particularly aggressive line of questioning.

He said ``yes’’ and prepared hard for the event consulting with professionals overseas on long international calls, rehearsing through mock interviews and fine tuning his act to near perfection before he presented himself at BBC’s state-of-the-art Shepherd’s Bush studios.

He didn’t allow interviewer Zeinab Badawi to shoot him down with rapid-fire questions, saying ``be patient, I’ll place it in context and then answer your question,’’ and by all events acquitted himself creditably in the context of the ``hard talk.’’

That was how the tape had been inexplicably erased!



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