Revenue collection: Treasury Chief calls for fresh approach
By Cyril Wimalasurendre

Treasury Chief Dr. P. B. Jayasundera said taxpayers were scared of the Inland Revenue Department. While calling for a fresh approach, Jayasundera emphasised that if taxpayers’ fear could be allayed, IRD would be able to collect more revenue. The need, he asserted, was to inspire taxpayers to volunteer their payments on mutual understanding.

Addressing a seminar organised by the Kandy Regional Office of the IRD on Saturday (01) at the Kandyan Arts Residency, Peradeniya Road, Kandy, he expressed the belief the relationship between the department and the tax-payers could be strengthened only with a tangible change of attitude on the part of the IRD officers.

A taxpayer, when entering an office of the IRD should feel homely, he said. He shouldn’t be driven from pillar to post, he said, asserting the mutual understanding between the IRD and taxpayers would depend on the department facilitating the tax paying process.

Jayasundera said the Tax Paying Community needed expert guidance. "It is the practice of taxpayers to seek the advice of private consultants. In the end, taxpayers end up paying the private consultant much more than he pays the IRD," he said.




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